Books and Catalogues

Patrick Nagatani, Buried Cars (2018) via MNMM press. Special thanks to Joseph Traugott for finalizing the piece after Nagatani’s passing.

Catalogue essay co-written with Brian Scott Campbell for No Place Gallery (2018).

when everything loses its edges and colours (2017) for A Field Guide to the Stars (Ballarat International Foto Biennale). 

Below is a selection of recent writings and publications

After 9/11, Do We Prefer Images to Reality? On David Levi Strauss and 9/11. Essay.
On David Row at Locks Gallery, The Brooklyn Rail. Print/Web.
On Angela Dufresne’s Long and Short Shots, at Yossi Milo, ArtForum. Web.

An Eternal Telling of Some Kind of Dream. Brian Scott Campbell’s solo exhibition Home & Garden at Arts+Leisure. Exibition Catalogue essay.

What lives in the work, a response to artists writing about art for the Brooklyn Rail’s critics page, June 2020. Print.

Tom McGlynn At Present, the Brooklyn Rail, March 2020. Review. Print. 

Dragging Through the Fire: On Erin Weirsma's Konza Prairie for Minding Nature: Fall 2019, Volume 12, Number 3. This work was a pared down version of an essay titled Stories on the Fire, included in the catalogue of Weirsma’s show at the Salina Art Center, KS. 

Alec Soth’s I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating, the Brooklyn Rail, April 2019. Review. Print/web.

Esteban Cabeza de Baca's Worlds without Borders, his first solo show in NYC, via the Brooklyn Rail, June 2019 issue. Review. Print.

Pedro Mesa's No One Listening at Creative Drive for the Brooklyn Rail, June 2019 issue. Review. Webex.

 Juan Pablo Langlois: Afterwards no one will remember, at Cindy Rucker Gallery for the Brooklyn Rail, November 2018 issue.

To the Pit of Things: On Patrick Nagatani and Mentorship, the Brooklyn Rail, September 2018 issue.

My "interview" with Patrick Nagatani featured in his monograph Buried Cars published by the Museum of New Mexico Press, and edited by Joseph Traugott.

As If a Field Could Become Some Dream, with Brian Scott Campbell. Catalogue essay, No Place gallery, Columbus, OH.

When everything loses its edges and colors, catalogue essay for the exhibition “A FIELD GUIDE TO THE STARS” curated by Rebecca Najdowski, for 2017 Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Australia.

Let the World In Again: On Margaret Iverson’s Photography, Trace and Trauma. exposure magazine, the Society of Photographic Education, September 2017 issue.

Hiding in Plain Site on Cordy Ryman's FREE FALL at Tower49 Gallery for the Brooklyn Rail, July/August 2017 double issue.

If There Be Any Art in the Weathers of This Earth, on Mark Steinmetz's South, at Yancey Richardson, NYC, for Degree Critical.
- You can find the Spanish version, translated by José Peña Loyola, at

In Dream and Soil: A Conversation with Bea Nettles, Afterimage.

The Photograph is a Hinge: Taca Sui Traces a Cultural Slippage for Momus.
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