Untitled 2016 - Present

This body of work began out of my interest in the flow of images, the granular nature of things, and in process as a matter of thinking. This work is rooted in experimentation with digital and analog processes—a layering like that of history—and speaks directly to image consumption and collective memory.

Each work is built first by accumulating images (often with their peripheral existence in mind) from print and digital sources before running them through a process of manipulation by hand—drawing, cutting, staining, folding, etc—and digitally. A negative is produced and contact printed to film through a variety of means. Layers upon layers reflect the image as a mediation of experience and knowledge while pointing to notions of distance and rhythmic or transitory existences. The granular nature of each step exists in the final work: grain, dot-matrix, pixel, etc.

This process is a dance between permanence and impermanence, control and accident, magic and purpose. Each final work stands alone as an image-obect full of detail, history, process, mark-making, and digitization and ultimately draws out our relationship to the peripheral and fast images—each full of significant and latent meaning—that we consume every day.
© Colin Edgington 2023